We are a strategic communications consultancy trusted by clients with a mission.

About BlueDot Strategies

We heard a call to action and answered it.

“This pale blue dot we call home”: That’s how Carl Sagan famously referred to Earth while reflecting on the first image taken of our planet from millions of miles away. Natural disasters, political disputes – from a cosmic perspective, they seem insignificant. But from where we stand, they are all consuming. What’s more: No one can save us from them but ourselves. Carl Sagan wasn’t downplaying the importance of human events. He was imploring us to take action to make the world a better place, because no one else will. BlueDot Strategies is our answer to that call.

What We Do

BlueDot Strategies helps mission-driven clients meet their communications goals. We have the experience to offer strategic counsel. We also have the know-how to put it into action.


We could say we do crisis and emergency management, reputation management, messaging strategy, issue framing, audience targeting, thought leadership, business development augmentation, international engagement, and more. Op-eds? We write them. Roundtables? We arrange them. Media trainings? We lead those, too.


What we do uniquely well is listen and align our clients’ mission and goals with a set of tactics. That’s where we thrive: grounding ourselves in where you are and pushing you to move beyond where you might have thought to go.


Like our colleagues in Washington, D.C., we like to win, but we define it in a different way. A win is not only getting the champion of a valiant cause in the right room with the right people, but hearing that she’s conveyed exactly the right message at the right moment. A win is when a partnership we’ve created between private enterprise and government strengthens both. It’s when emergency managers employ streamlined strategic communication plans, saving more lives. When nonprofits rebuild trust among their constituencies, when government leaders gain digital savvy, when formerly buried issues appear in the headlines – these are the moments that elicit a quiet nod among our team. We get this kind of work done for our clients – thoughtfully, efficiently, discreetly – so that they can go on and fulfill their larger missions. That is not only what we do, it is also why we are.