Case Study:

New York City Emergency Management

During a citywide crisis, media relations is too often an afterthought for first responders. For NYC Emergency Management, it’s now top of mind.

lower manhattan during post sandy blackout
BlueDot turns first responders into first informers.

1. Challenge

New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) is a known leader in incident management and response, confronting thousands of disruptive events ranging from citywide blackouts to cataclysmic hurricanes. In a community of more than eight million people speaking dozens of languages, communicating effectively to help survivors know what to do and when to do it is a high-stakes endeavor.

NYCEM brought in BlueDot Strategies to get staff more comfortable in their role as “first informers.” They knew our reputation for understanding the nuanced needs of emergency managers. Our challenge was to transfer our knowledge to a staff that does life saving work in America’s most populous city under intense media scrutiny.

2. Strategy

Rather than starting with talking points, we started with a change in mindset. In our experience, the key to crisis communications is to see it as part of the core of incident response rather than as work that happens on the side. We provided practical tools to help the leadership hone their relationships with members of the press. We also guided them to re-calibrate their output to their communities to be more effective and efficient.

3. Results/Next Steps

By bringing substantive understanding and practical on-camera training to the task, we helped build a stronger, more effective team. BlueDot Strategies enabled NYCEM to help more people when they need it most.