Case Study:

International Conservation Crisis

With so much happening globally on a daily basis, important stories are not always covered. BlueDot was hired to bring attention to a story of corruption and to help shed light on an important issue in Africa.

Conservation NGO Case Study

1. Challenge

A consortium of conservation groups in an African country were being removed from their lands that had been guaranteed the year before in favor of an Abu Dhabi-based safari company that had been kicked out of the country previously for animal rights abuses.

2. Strategy

BlueDot was hired by a DC-based lobbying firm to run a media campaign to get the Government to reverse their decision in kicking the conservation groups off the land. We used our extensive contacts and knowledge and was able to get stories placed in major international news outlets, including a key story in the Washington Post, about the situation and the conflicts of interest within the government in making the decision to remove the conservation groups.

3. Results/Next Steps

After the media blitz spearheaded by BlueDot, the country’s government agreed to go into negotiations with the conservation groups and the safari company, so long as the media blitz came to an end. We were credited with driving a successful media strategy and were complimented on the depth and reach of their stories and the strategy for effectively bringing the outcome to a successful solution to the situation.