Case Study:

International NGO

We have helped several NGOs with how to tackle various crisis situations. Using our Crisis Responder Tool, we help organizations identify the crux of the issue and the best approach to take to help the organization move forward.

International NGO Case Study

1. Challenge

A major international NGO that works with children in over 100 countries approached BlueDot earlier this year for assistance. In one of their programs in Africa, the BBC was investigating a story where corruption and abuse allegations were lodged in one of their programs. There was concern that the story would be inaccurate and that it would affect the organization’s reputation and fundraising ability globally, particularly in the United States.

2. Strategy

BlueDot was engaged by the organization to evaluate messaging and to develop strategies that could counter incorrect information about the organization and the actions that it took. In conjunction with the NGO, we redeveloped messaging sent from the global headquarters in Europe so that the messaging was more applicable to U.S.-based audiences. We worked in creating communications to be used with key audiences and board members, and advised the CEO and key leaders on how to communicate the organization’s efforts. BlueDot also encouraged the organization to re-engage with the BBC and other reporters and make it clear that no illegal actions were taken and that the NGO dealt with the situation legally and effectively.

3. Results/Next Steps

BlueDot was credited with ensuring that the organization took an aggressive response that pushed back on erroneous stories with more accurate messaging. The BBC never ran the story and the NGO leadership was praised by their board and by key influential audiences for their frankness and openness during the crisis and offered their appreciation for clear messaging that was effective and could be used by many in the organization.