Case Study:

U.S. Department of State

The use of social media to propagandize foreign publics is a threat to democracy. With the U.S. State Department, BlueDot is training world leaders to respond.

US Department of State

1. Challenge

Combating disinformation in our democracy is a major security challenge for policymakers. To address it requires digital prowess, foreign policy expertise, and the capacity to communicate with foreign publics.

2. Strategy

To help the U.S. State Department meet this challenge head on, BlueDot Strategies is taking a multi-pronged approach that includes training, coalition building, and communications planning. BlueDot works with government leaders from all over the world to strengthen digital capacity to develop greater transparency and responsiveness. We have assembled a cadre of experts with deep regional knowledge and unrivaled communications specialties that are ready to assist public servants working in the trenches on this critical issue. We are developing a strategic communications manual that will help diplomats from any country be more digitally savvy as they work to set the record straight. In addition, BlueDot is part of a team of specialists poised to help the State Department better hone its existing capabilities through evaluations and trainings.

3. Results/Next Steps

As we continue to build our capacity to assist the State Department, we’re expanding our relationships in the digital diplomacy community in Washington, D.C., and broadening our perspective to include cultural diplomacy and exchanges. This makes BlueDot an ideal and unparalleled resource for specialists looking to bridge understanding across borders.