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Emergency comms to be next COVID-19 challenge, says Sr Adviser

May 26, 2020

Craig Fugate, Senior Adviser at BlueDot Strategies, submitted an opinion piece to The Hill addressing the next area to feel the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic: emergency communications. When communications break down during a disaster response, chaos follows. Supplies of food, water, and protective gear, badly needed in an area only a few miles away,…


Moira Whelan to leave BlueDot, join NDI

May 14, 2020

Today is the formal announcement that BlueDot Founding Partner, Moira Whelan, will be leaving to become the Director of Democracy and Technology at the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The press release can be found here. When BlueDot Strategies was started over four years ago, the goal, first and foremost, was to leave the world a…


Medium: Moira Whelan op-ed on democracy, technology, and COVID-19

April 9, 2020

An opinion piece by Founding Partner Moira Whelan was featured on Medium regarding the affects the novel coronavirus has taken and will take on the safety and security of democracy in the technology space. Below is an excerpt of the op-ed which can be found on Medium: The very tools keeping us together when our…


Senior Adviser weighs in on coronavirus response, commission

April 2, 2020

Below is an excerpt from an opinion piece by BlueDot Strategies’ senior adviser Craig Fugate, the former FEMA administrator under President Obama and crisis management expert. The piece was featured on washingtonpost.com. “The United States now has the world’s largest number of confirmed coronavirus cases, and more citizens have died from covid-19 than were killed…


Fall/Winter 2019 Newsletter

December 13, 2019

See how we have closed out 2019 and be sure to stay on top of what 2020 has in store! Click here for the Fall/Winter 2019 Newsletter


Intern with BlueDot!

December 2, 2019

BlueDot Strategies is hiring an intern for the Spring 2020 semester! This position will be a short-term mid-tier level internship with BlueDot Strategies, a DC-based, veteran-owned, women-led communications firm. We are seeking a candidate to provide support in communications, administration, and policy development support, while we, in turn, provide experience in the areas of communications,…


Digital Diplomacy Bootcamp – January 27 & 28, 2020

November 13, 2019

Developed for public sector and embassy personnel, the Digital Diplomacy Bootcamp is designed to provide hands-on training for creating and implementing digital strategies for foreign ministries, embassies and international institutions. Conducted by leading experts in the field, the Digital Diplomacy Bootcamp is a unique experience that will build the skills of communications and public diplomacy…


VIDEO: Lars Anderson on MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin regarding Hurricane Dorian

September 5, 2019

BlueDot Founder Lars Anderson was featured on MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin to discuss the affects of Hurricane Dorian on the East Coast and how FEMA and the states’ emergency managers are predicted to assist.  


VIDEO: Lars Anderson on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell regarding Hurricane Dorian

September 2, 2019

Lars Anderson, BlueDot’s Founding Partner, joined Lawrence O’Donnell on The Last Word to discuss the events leading up to Hurricane Dorian and how the federal and state governments would and should respond.  


As Dorian approaches, BlueDot Founder says to prepare for the worst

August 31, 2019

Below is an excerpt from an opinion piece by BlueDot Strategies’ founding partner Lars Anderson, a former FEMA official and crisis management expert. The piece was featured on CNN.com.     “Hurricanes in the North Atlantic have increased in intensity, frequency, and duration over the last four decades, and the cost of these disasters has…