Emergency comms to be next COVID-19 challenge, says Sr Adviser

by Maureen Couch 

Craig Fugate, Senior Adviser at BlueDot Strategies, submitted an opinion piece to The Hill addressing the next area to feel the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic: emergency communications.

When communications break down during a disaster response, chaos follows. Supplies of food, water, and protective gear, badly needed in an area only a few miles away, might get left to linger on pallets for days. Teams waste scarce time on overlapping search and rescue missions, and medical responses get hopelessly tangled.
Throughout the United States today, state and local governments are already managing unprecedented demands for testing sites and mass feeding operations. Any efforts to house and protect citizens during a hurricane, for example, will have to take social distancing protocols into account and the influx of new personnel necessary to establish and monitor those protocols.

You may find the entire piece on The Hill.