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From the White House to BlueDot Strategies, Founder divulges

by Lars Anderson  featuring Lars Anderson

This is an excerpt from an article about Lars Anderson, BlueDot Strategies founding partner, featured on

Lars Anderson founded BlueDot Strategies on the hope of helping organizations tell their unique stories through a hands-on approach and personalized attention to issues. Before launching his own company though, he took his talents to the most dangerous corners on our planet, saw some of the most devastating destruction by Mother Nature and worked for the most important man in the world.

Anderson is a longtime communications professional with an extensive background in crisis, strategic, political and international communications. Anderson has worked with multiple leading agencies of the U.S. Government, elected officials, and a wide variety of corporate and nonprofit clients and has lived and worked in Beirut, Sarajevo, and Egypt.

Impressively, he has held several senior-level appointments in the Obama Administration, most recently as the deputy chief of staff and counselor to the administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“My focus is on crisis communications and helping organizations identify their public affairs vulnerabilities, coming up with ideas, plans to mitigate those vulnerabilities, and then, when and if they need my assistance, I can also do the rapid response. If they’re getting calls from reporters, they’re getting calls from constituents, they’re getting calls from whoever is concerned about whatever the issue is, then I can talk them through talking points; develop public affairs strategies; recommend doing media interviews.”

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