Medium: Moira Whelan op-ed on democracy, technology, and COVID-19

by Maureen Couch 

An opinion piece by Founding Partner Moira Whelan was featured on Medium regarding the affects the novel coronavirus has taken and will take on the safety and security of democracy in the technology space. Below is an excerpt of the op-ed which can be found on Medium:

The very tools keeping us together when our freedom is limited could — in the end — be used to help limit our freedom as authoritarian governments embolden themselves. The small freedoms and choices we still enjoy are being sucked into a cloud to be shared, analyzed, and used to manipulate us. Is it over? Is this it for us?

Unlikely. We still see good in the world. Technology in the free world during coronavirus has connected us, helped us raise millions and spurred innovation, and saved lives. Many democracies like South Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, and New Zealand are knocking coronavirus for a loop with doses of strong leadership, transparency, and tough decisions. Institutions built by democracies — most notably the World Health Organization — are leading the world.

Please click here to read the full piece on Medium.