Senior Adviser weighs in on coronavirus response, commission

by Maureen Couch 

Below is an excerpt from an opinion piece by BlueDot Strategies’ senior adviser Craig Fugate, the former FEMA administrator under President Obama and crisis management expert. The piece was featured on

“The United States now has the world’s largest number of confirmed coronavirus cases, and more citizens have died from covid-19 than were killed in the 9/11 attacks. The projected economic impact of covid-19 likewise exceeds that of 9/11. The nation has inadequate testing capabilities and shortages of personal protective equipment. Authorities struggle to find much-needed patient beds, health-care equipment and supplies, and trained health-care workers to care for our citizens. States are taking unprecedented steps to limit public activity. We must learn from this event to better prepare for crises.

For these reasons, now is the time for Congress and the president to appoint and adequately fund an independent, bipartisan commission to prepare a complete report on the nation’s response to the pandemic. Clearly, such a report will not be completed while the outbreak rages.”

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