Trump needs to tell the truth about Harvey, says BlueDot Founder

by Lars Anderson  written by Lars Anderson

This is an excerpt from an article by Lars Anderson, BlueDot Strategies founding partner, featured on

What do you say to someone who’s lost everything?

At this moment in Houston and other places affected by Hurricane Harvey, parents are sitting in emergency shelters wondering: How will we rebuild our home? How will we get to work? How will we get the kids to school — and is there a school to go to?

This is the scene President Donald Trump flew into Tuesday. And to be sure, the people who have suffered in Harvey’s wake needed to hear from him. In a national disaster, the words of the President of the United States matter. He needs to be reassuring to survivors.

But there is something else he must do. He needs to help set realistic expectations for the long road to recovery. He needs to tell them the truth.

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